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War Time Preaching and Teaching

War Time Preaching and Teaching




War Time Preaching and Teaching explores the hermeneutics (science of interpretation) and homiletics (art of preaching) of both Rudolf Bultmann and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. The book explores the thought and impact of these two theologians primarily within the American debate. Both Bultmann and Bonhoeffer are somewhat misunderstood, and it seems that they are either totally accepted or rejected, depending in many instances on one’s personal understanding of their method of biblical interpretation. The book attempts to objectively view their methods of biblical interpretation and how they expressed their research in their writings, preaching, and teaching. Both concluded that the presenting of the Gospel in a relevant manner is the ultimate need for humankind today. Both lived during a most challenging period of world history, but were able to communicate in a captivating manner. Certainly the times in which we live today call fro those who possess a similar commitment.


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