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The Promise of Dawn: The Eschatology of Lewis Sperry Chafer 

This book identifies Lewis Sperry Chafer, evangelist, teacher, author, and founder of one of the world’s largest seminaries, as one who has greatly influenced recent controversies and scholarship concerning the Second Coming of Christ. This work portrays this important figure in the Evangelical movement as a forceful and creative theologian who has had an incredible impact on religious thought and practices, not only in the United States by worldwide. Chafer gathered massive themes, materials and collective dispensational premillennial thought of the latter nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. He did not merely collect, but he interpreted the evangelical theology in a positive manner. He had the ability to interpret the timeless truths of Scripture in a manner which captivated and inspired others. A University Press of America Book.



Twenty-One Great Voices 

Great Voices portrays the lives and contributions of twenty-one significant persons from the first through the twentieth century. These Christians, who include Augustine, Martin Luther, John Calvin and John Wesley, give to us a greater appreciation of the past and lay the foundation for an understanding of the present.



Kingdom Bound

The book is a summary of the Christian views of how the future will play out. The work also suggests several qualities which one should possess in order to live a mature and meaningful life in communion with God and persons.



The Great Journey

The novel explores the journey of two pastors of different ethnic backgrounds who attempt to bring racial reconciliation in their city. Little did they know that their efforts would have a national impact.



War Time Preaching and Teaching

War Time Preaching and Teaching explores the hermeneutics (science of interpretation) and homiletics (art of preaching) of both Rudolf Bultmann and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. The book explores the thought and impact of these two theologians primarily within the American debate. Both Bultmann and Bonhoeffer are somewhat misunderstood, and it seems that they are either totally accepted or rejected, depending in many instances on one’s personal understanding of their method of biblical interpretation. The book attempts to objectively view their methods of biblical interpretation and how they expressed their research in their writings, preaching, and teaching. Both concluded that the presenting of the Gospel in a relevant manner is the ultimate need for humankind today. Both lived during a most challenging period of world history, but were able to communicate in a captivating manner. Certainly the times in which we live today call fro those who possess a similar commitment.


The Promise of Dawn

…adds a significant contribution to the understanding of an important theological thread…” –Robert L. Saucy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University.

The bibliography alone makes the book an extremely useful tool.” –Walter C. Kalser, Jr., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

In my opinion it is the best to yet appear concerning the life and the work of Dr. Chafer.” – Dr. CI Gregg Singer, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

A thousand congratulations! [An] excellent book—through, incisive, well researched.” –Ray Pritchard, Senior Pastor, Calvary Memorial Church

“…It is to be commended because it gives a well-balanced description of the historical development of Chafer’s theology in his interaction with cotemporaneous the theologians. This makes the book interesting reading.” –Theo J.W. Kunst

To read quotations and references to men such as Mason, Robinson, Diebler, Walvoord, and others brought me to wonderful members of mentors who greatly influenced my life and who themselves were significantly influenced by Chafer.” –William K. Adams, North Hills Presbyterian Church

For anyone whose Christian roots can be traced to the Bible Conference movement of Dallas Theological Seminary, [this book] will be like looking through an old family picture album-full of interesting stories and remarkable familiar thoughts.” –Howard G. Hendricks, Chairman Center for Christian Leadership

It is the most thorough collection of material on Chafer I have seen.” –Michael B. Thompson, St. John’s College. Nottingham, England

The work is an interesting and accurate account of Chafer’s dispensational, premillennial eschatology.” –Dr. Robert P. Lightner, Dallas Theological Seminary

…it is the high level of research and quality…is represented in the volume…” – Wm. J. McRae, President of Ontario Theological Seminary

This work clears up some caricatures about dispensationalist by setting it in its historical setting and tracing its roots.” –Joe C. Aldrich, President, Multnomah School of the Bible

…an excellent introduction to the life of Lewis Sperry Chafer and Dispensational Premillenialism with rare historical notes on the development of Dallas Theological Seminary.” –A.M.E. Zion Quarterly Review

“…offers a very clear expression of the roots of dispensational and premillennial eschatology.” – Dr. Bill Thrasher, Moody Bible Institute

“…This book will lead you to deeper and greater understanding of the truth of Bible prophecies about the end-times.” –Dr. Danfulani Kore, Evangelical Church of West Africa.

I have enjoyed [this book] with great delight and interest, and I recommend it highly.” –Frank Minirth, M.D., President and Founder, Minirth-Meier Clinic